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  • Hidden Object Adventure Game Now Available for Tablets

    Available for PC's, iPads and Android Tablets Meet real estate agent Angie Dee and solve the mystery of the crumbling house in this light-hearted hidden object adventure.

  • Games for Health

    Red Aphid has designed and built innovative games to help players learn about and strengthen their lives.

  • Red Aphid

    Red Aphid is a creative studio that makes games, interactives, web projects and animation.

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 Games for Change

Red Aphid is simply fanatical about casual and social games. We feel games are not only a great medium for entertainment, but are also stupendously effective educational and advocacy channels.

Whether we’re making games about malaria prevention, how to save energy in your home or how your congressman is voting, we do it with compassion and verve.


Our favorite game making technologies are Flash, Flex, Action Script 2 and 3, Adobe CS5, Maya, Box 2D, After Effects and Unity. We also like using PHP/MySQL when getting friendly with a webserver.

Let’s Get Together We can make a game for you from scratch or contribute to your game with design, concept drawings, coding, 2D & 3D asset development and other fun stuff.

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Web Design and Development

The Interdependence of All Existence

Red Aphid has been helping organizations find their hopes and dreams with unique web presences and conversation channels for a decade. We’ve helped folks strategize their social media, leverage content management systems, customize blogs, do e-commerce, maximize email, go mobile, and gamify their websites.

We’ve also made long term commitments to manage and grow their websites. We can help navigate the changing web-averse with new content and strategies to keep visitors coming back or provide daily, weekly and monthly content support.


Web technologies we’re pretty adept with include WordPress, CSS, HTML, CS6 Suite, Flash, JavaScript, JQuery, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook Pages, PHP and MySQL.

We’ll plugin wherever you need us or just tell you where to go. Send us an email anytime.


Red Aphid

We’re a creative digital media studio that imagines unique ways for people to interact online. We develop responsive experiences that offer new directions to explore and fresh ways of seeing the world. We specialize in game design and development, but also have substantial web development experience.  We often work with designers who want help bringing their concepts to life interactively or animated-ly.

We’re located in the Washington DC area

We can work with you locally, online, or wherever.


Games can grab eyeballs, create viral interest, convey memorable information and inspire people to take action.

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